How did we deliver this campaign?

Google's objectives were to maximize Experiment awareness and engagement. To deliver on these objectives, we created a media strategy that aligned tactics including:

  • Phasing: The three audiences were phased in relation to the proximity to the film release.
  • Timed pulses: The campaign was executed via precision bursts to maximize media impact and minimize wearout.
  • Social creative: Earned media was maximized via a combination of contextual placement, social model behavioral targeting and share-enabled video.

The experience ran across mobile devices, tablets and desktops and allowed users to explore key locations in Middle-earth including Dol Guldur, Rivendell and the Trollshaw forest.

Innovation and creativity:
Engineers used the WebGL and Web Audio APIs to produce the interactive, rich 3D and audio effects, and is one of the first times that these technologies have been used in a mobile web experience.

The rich audio effects and sound manipulation were delivered through the Web Audio API, supported on both Chrome for Android and Chrome for iPhone and iPad. Although WebGL wasn't supported on iOS at the time, Chrome users could still experience most of "A Journey through Middle-earth" on their iPhones and iPads. 

Creative assets were developed by North Kingdom and 72andSunny.

Media planning, strategy, tactics and execution by Essence.